T. Thérèse Byrne, CARC, CRPA

Founder and President of Gemma Recovery Group, Thérèse has spent more than a decade working in the addiction field with numerous recovery and rehabilitation centers.  She has been trained to address co-occurring disorders and addiction struggles, including alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, gaming, hoarding, sex, love, and screen (technology) addiction.

She has her Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) and Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) certifications.  She also received intensive Addiction Intervention training through Earl Hightower, a pioneer in that field.

Thérèse is a participating member of the Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment, The Clinicians Collective, The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, the New York Provider Liaison Association and the New Jersey Provider Liaison Association.

Growing up as the oldest of six on a Minnesota dairy farm, Thérèse learned early on the strong values, work ethic, and resiliency needed to lead teams and overcome obstacles.  She studied psychology at Minnesota State University at Moorhead, before moving to New York City.

Chelsea Lawrence, BA

Director of Case Management Services for Gemma Recovery Group, Chelsea’s expertise lies in Recovery Companion and Case Management work, helping clients nationwide with a vast array of addiction issues.

New York City-born and bred, she has been working in the Recovery field for nearly a decade.  She received intervention training from Earl Hightower in the field of Addiction Intervention, and is an active member of the Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment.

Chelsea earned her Bachelor’s Degree from New York University, where she studied psychology, motivation, and the theory of cognitive and emotional development.

Chelsea works to ensure Gemma Recovery Group offers hope and empowerment to individuals and family members in early recovery, providing structure, tools, and a compassionate understanding of the process of recovery.

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