recovery companion

Our Recovery Companions are highly experienced and professionally trained men and women of various ages — passionate, proactive, highly discreet, and always professional. They can support a client anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months — whatever it takes until the client feels comfortable and ready to take on fully independent living.

The days and months following treatment are the most delicate time in a newly sober person’s recovery. Feelings and sensitivities are heightened and waves of life changes are taking place. Recovery Companions are often utilized during this precarious time to help ease a client back into their surroundings and find their own footing at home and within their community. After being away in treatment for an extended period of time, following years of wreckage due to substance abuse, clients need additional support as they ease back into school, work, home life, and the sober community at home.

The Recovery Companion is not there to baby-sit or control the client. Rather, the companion works closely to identify what the client hopes to achieve — and then helps them get there. The companion works to show the client how to build muscles of accountability and find freedom through establishing the needed structure.  Clients feel a new sense of freedom and empowerment as their lives begin to open up, as they rediscover their passions and reconnect with life in a bold new way.

We understand that everyone’s recovery has different needs and its own direction, pace, and timeline.  Each client that comes to us is provided with the following:  a Personalized Treatment Plan, a Recovery Companion, and a Case Manager to help communicate to the rest of the treatment team and help the Companion handle any obstacles that may arise.

With the appropriate support and guidance, this time can be the beginning of a deeply gratifying recovery and a life filled with hope and true joy.

For any questions and information on how Gemma Recovery Group can help, please email us at or call 1 (866) Gemma-88 (1-866-436-6288).  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

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