We are a Recovery Companion agency that specializes in providing Recovery Companions for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.   

We also provide services in the areas of Case Management, Interventions, and Recovery Transport.

The mission of Gemma Recovery Group is to offer clients and their families a solution to all their recovery needs.  Providing clients with the structure, tools, and a compassionate understanding of the process of recovery, Gemma Recovery Group offers hope and empowerment.  The expertise of the entire Gemma Recovery Group team is a proven resource for families looking to find support for their loved one and a reliable plan for the entire family unit moving forward.

As a leading recovery companion agency, we are a dedicated group of highly trained professionals providing recovery companions, interventions, safe transport, case management services, and treatment placement.  Our many years in the Recovery field enable us to skillfully handle each client’s individual recovery needs.  We work with clients in many cities all across the US and internationally.

Gemma Recovery Group is available 24/7 to assist individuals and family members looking for help with a wide range of addictions, eating disorders, and mental health issues.  With a deep understanding of the recovery process and a unique concierge approach to continuing care, Gemma Recovery Group offers a highly personalized, collaborative process tailored to fit each individual’s unique path to recovery.

In all their interactions, clients of Gemma Recovery Group are provided with personalized attention and individualized support from recovery professionals who are familiar with your situation.

Please contact us to learn more and set up a free phone consultation: email us at info@gemmarecoverygroup.com or call 1 (866) Gemma-88 (1-866-436-6288).  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

Let’s Make it Easier...Together.