For those seeking Recovery Transport for themselves or a family member, Gemma Recovery Group offers professional Recovery Companions to help with the transition to treatment or sober living.  Traveling to different surroundings before or in early recovery often comes with a wave of challenges and obstacles — all of which our trained Recovery Companions are able to assist with, offering sober guidance.

Whatever the situation, all Gemma Recovery Group Recovery Companions have personal and professional experience guiding the client through the necessary steps to feel stable and safe during their travels and at potentially triggering family or business events.  It can be hard for family members and friends to fully comprehend how difficult achieving these milestones can be.  Recovery Transport offers the client an effective tool to ensure a smoother transition and a sober reinforcement, as they learn to show up for themselves and their next chapter in life with grace and confidence.

Our Recovery Transport services include helping the client navigate travel:

  • To inpatient rehabilitation
  • From rehabilitation to sober living or home
  • To or from detox facilities
  • To court dates or legal meetings
  • To family events, such as weddings, funerals, holiday gatherings, and other high-stress situations
  • To academic meetings, on business travel trips, or to interviews

We are also experts at coordinating travel arrangements for the client and the Recovery Companion so as to minimize the client’s stress during travel.

For any questions and information on how Gemma Recovery Group can help, please contact us at or call 1 (866) Gemma-88 (1-866-436-6288).  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

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